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alright peoples here we go...

warped tour 2006.

so i woke up promtly around 6:30ish to 7:30ish as i so often do the day of warped tour and get myself ready to go. The car ride there wasnt too bad, we stopped at a gas station and i got me a sobe no fear. It's my favorite of all the energy drinks. Finally after we got Jess's brother and a few of his friends loaded up we left on our way to Vantage WA. We were sposed to meet up with Ben and Dan somewheres around 11:30, tho due to some unfortunate and usual delays we didnt quite meet up until around 12:30ish to 1. Got some food and then finally ben got there and we were on our way.

We got to the tour as usual and got our campsite, unfortunately while i was setting up my tent i could hear that Less than Jake was already playing their set on the main stage. After everything was setup for the night and a couple of beers consumed we entered the tour...

there wasnt a whole lot of bands that i wanted to see this year so things were pretty up in the air as far as asking everyone who they wanted to see first. I already missed less then jake so the next set i wanted to see was Rise Against. Jess thought they already played but we LUCKILY wandered to the main stage about a song after they started. Amazing set, im completely hooked on their new single Ready To Fall. Its a great song and they have their new video up on their website, or you can check them out on myspace, www.myspace.com/riseagainst .

A little more milling around and what not we walked over to the Girlz Garage tent where i bought Jess a shirt that she got to customise with spraypaint. She really liked it, and that made me happy. Just about by this time we went over to see Zebrahead, who might i add had to suffer thru playing on a really tiny stage, that in fact had more people there than i think there was on any of the other side stages. Their set was amazing as usual and im pretty sure i could have sold my girlfriend to them for free. Which doesnt do me any good by any means, particularly since i have no intentions of selling my GF. Im rather attached.

Zebrahead played an amazing set and i got their new UNRELEASED album BROADCAST TO THE WORLD. Its sweet.

After me jumping into the mosh pit during zebrahead and the sun beating down on me all day i was starting to get a little exausted. Me and jess decided to get a slushy and sit up on the hillside for the next couple of concerts. The day had come to an end after NOFX played and everyone started to exit the venue. There was still a lot of fun to be had tho as the overnight camp party was just getting underway.

To make a long story short, i gained some buddist propaganda, some girl tried so take me hat and run off into the night but we chased her down and took my hat back, we drank many MANY BEERS, was offered many drugs to which i turned down, ventured to many campsites and cell towers might i add, watched a ton of porta potties get knocked over (prolly more than i had ever seen i think), and passed out in the morning.

When we got up we noticed this dude passed out in the middle of nowheres, he didnt move all morning. Finally we went to check him out and he was breathing but not moving. Eventually security came and hauled him off, i felt bad but it was funny nonethe less.

The drive back wasnt so sweet, as we were all tired and Ben and Dan left for their own parts of the northwest.

Hence there lies my condensed version of the weekend but i am runnin on low battery power right now on the computer so i must say this...




I've never heard of zebrahead i'm gonna download some of their music =)
dude, even though i'm in europe i still miss warped tour..i'm going to have to do it 2 x's as bad ass next year to make up for missing this one haha...tell jess i say hi and when i get back i need to buy that new zebrehead cd through the fan club..since it was only released in japan. argh! wait a minute....you put that in caps on your LJ too so i would see it, i know it! well off to join a crazy mix of people (irish, british, holland/dutch, french, and one other american aside from sam and i) in a few drinks...btw, my game is officially back.

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