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Yo yo yo, sup everyone.

Long time no write i know..maybe if i had a little more inspiration i could actually get on here and write something worth reading lol.

Things have been pretty weird for me as of late. Its almost as if somebody took my whole life, threw it in gigantic salad and tossed that fucker until it was so mixed up that not even the ceasar of salad himself would recognize the various flavors in that dish.

My mom closed the restaurant, a staple of my life that i have always fallen back on in the darkest of times, and a commodity that came well in handy whenever i was traveling south or partying in Riggins. Shes tired tho, i am happy for her in a way. She has been working there and running the place for well over 10 years. I hope this opens some free time for her.

I rolled down to boise this last weekend. Fun times were had by all. Me, Tiff, and Nate all rode down there together which was fun cuz tiff has a mustang convertable. Totally hot. :)

Speaking of hot, holy shit is it hot in boise, damn. I thought i was gonna fry the whole time i was down there. Doesnt help that i left here in a drunken haze and managed to pack all long sleeve shirts. WTF was i thinking!?

Watched Katy Perry live at the warped tour. She was ok, i have seen bigger bands do much worse. Did i mention that she is totally hot too?

A lot of hotness going around last weekend.

Warped tour just isnt what it used to be. I have been going for years. Since it started. Maybe i am just getting too old, who knows. Back in the day there were punk bands like pennywise, rancid, the misfits. Now we have Katy Perry? What happened to all the punk bands?! Even the majority of the bands there i would have normally considered un-worthy of the warped tour. A lot of indy rockers.

For fucks sake go start your own tour, get off of mine.

But then again, as they say, if you dont like the music, dont come.

So, given that, this may very well have been my last warped tour. Maybe i have out grown it, maybe it outgrew me, whos to say.

The rest of boise was alright, we didnt really do a whole lot. We hit up a karaoke bar on Thursday night, that was cool. Good selection, ok sound setup. Could have been a little better tho, but then again after working and singing at CJ's i guess you can say i have high standards.

Friday night was just a chill night. Saturday we went downtown, went to a couple clubs, it was fun. Drank too much rum and coke and drunk texted friends till early A.M. lol i gotta quit doin that, i say some silly shit.

The drive back was ok, amazingly not hungover, which is always good....maybe i should just drink rum and coke more often.


Spent too much damn money tho...now i am almost -$200, thats never good. i get paid tomorrow, and i think the girl at the bank might think i am cute...i'll see if i can use that to my advantage lol. That of course is a complete fabrication, but i'll see if i cant smooth talk someway out my overdraft charges.

Got tomorrow off. yay.

Have a good rest of the week everyone.



so how did it go with that cute girl at the bank?? :)

June 2013

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